Implementation of the Curriculum

How is the curriculum organised and implemented?

Planning and Delivery

Medium Term Plans are written with a themed approach and form part of the Long Term Curriculum plan which provides an overview of planned learning and is currently based on a four year rolling programme of termly themes.

Medium term plans are written using Google apps which enables teachers to work collaboratively. The plans are shared with deputy headteachers and subject leaders which ensure monitoring of planning takes place. Learning targets relating to each area of learning and specific to each class are written, with planned activities and resources to meet these targets. These plans are evaluated throughout the term as each lesson is taught. Through the use of Google docs, teachers keep these documents ‘live’ with comments, improvements and evaluations added as they progress through the term. Use of technology enables teachers to work more efficiently and can model new plans on previous versions as well as sharing plans between teachers in order to make the most productive use of limited time. Plans are not printed unless this is specifically needed.

Weekly lesson plans for English and maths are written and include learning targets, activity plan details and organisational requirements. Lesson plans are evaluated at the end of each session.

Lesson structure

Lessons are structured to include whole class teaching, adult led group and individual teaching and independent activities. We use a model of working for ‘choose time’ or ‘social games’, whereby pupils complete directed tasks on their individual schedules to earn a short ‘choose time’. The focus of choose time may be to develop social interaction in sharing activities with other pupils or an individual pupil led activity which the pupil finds highly motivating. As our pupils move further up the school the model of 'working for' is adapted and social games are introduced as pupils are less reliant on ‘working for’. This enables us to develop the pupils social skills and social interactions. At Hinderton ‘Choose time’ is viewed as a valuable learning opportunity enabling pupils to develop essential skills linked to achieving outcomes within their EHC plans.

Learning takes place throughout the day and we view breakfast time, outside play times and lunch times as opportunities to develop essential skills relevant to each pupil.

We provide many opportunities to enhance our curriculum with learning taking place outside the classroom, in different environments and within the community.

Timetabling of distinct subject disciplines within the formal curriculum

The teachers are responsible for setting their own timetables in liaison with the Deputy Headteachers. English and mathematics are timetabled regularly throughout the week, the length of lesson will vary according to the class group.

Foundation subjects are taught in a variety of ways depending on the class. Teachers can plan for cross curricular lessons, topic mornings or afternoons or themed day. Teachers can choose to focus on some subjects for a half term. For example geography for the first half term and history for the second.

Included in the timetables are opportunities for quiet times. For example our pupils start their day with table activities, this can include fine motor activities, reading or sensory play. Following this the pupils take part in physical activities in the classroom, outside or in the hall in order for them to be ready to learn. This is particularly important for our pupils who have had a long journey to school.