Family Support

I offer wrap around support for your family while your child is at Hinderton.

I host our parents support groups and coffee afternoons sessions offering you valuable support from other families.

I can offer advice and support regarding sleep, restricted diets, behaviour and the day to day issues that come with family life.

I am in school 5 days a week and can be contacted by

Phone: 0151 329 2142


Facebook: Gray Karen

Home visits can be available on request

Family workshops

At Hinderton we deliver a variety of workshops such as PECS, The Use of Visual Supports at Home, Sensory Sensitivities and Toileting. The workshops are delivered in partnership with our Speech and Language and Occupational Therapy colleagues. We also run coffee mornings where families have an opportunity to network and meet others within the Hinderton community.

NAS EarlyBird+

The National Autistic Society EarlyBird Plus programme is designed to meet the needs of families whose child has received a later diagnosis of autism and is aged four to eight years of age. It addresses the needs of both home and school settings by training parents/carers together with a professional who is working regularly with their child.

We use the established EarlyBird framework of teaching about autism before considering how to develop communication or manage behaviour. The programme consists of eight group sessions, and two home visit weeks. A follow-up session is held three months after the programme. The programme empowers parents and helps to provide a support network for them to deal with their everyday challenges.


Karen Gray works with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) to lead this programme in school. It is designed to help families to address behaviours they find difficult. Signposts works with families to develop ways of preventing difficult behaviours, encouraging more appropriate behaviour, teaching children new skills and helping to meet new challenges in the future. Families tell us that after Signposts they feel less stressed, more capable and less hassled about meeting their own and their family’s needs.

The programme is delivered in a small group, made up of Parents and Carers with a good opportunity to chat and discuss over a coffee. There are 8 sessions of 2 – 2½ hours, conducted fortnightly (please still come along even if you cannot make all of the sessions) and we provide a free set of eight booklets, a workbook and a DVD for future reference.

Hinderton's Sleep Scotland Programme

Is your child waking up in the night?

Does your child sleep in your bed?

Does your child struggle going to bed? Contact the school if you would like some more information about our sleep counselling service we offer please get in touch. Everyone deserves a good night sleep.

For more information about Sleep Scotland, please look at this website.

Email for help and support.