Autism Friendly Christmas 2016

Post date: Nov 28, 2016 9:26:17 AM

Preparing for Christmas: autism resources

Christmas can be a very exciting but often stressful time of the year for many autistic people; with lots of change, social interaction, expectations and demands to negotiate. The NAS have put together a brief list of useful resources that they hope may prove helpful in making this festive period as special and as stress free as possible for those you work with.

See below for a variety of resources that give guidance, advice and ideas for Christmas:

Preparing for Christmas - The National Autistic Society

This article gives advice and support for the festive period including planning, schedules, presents and travel.

Gift ideas - The National Autistic Society

Here you will find various gift ideas for Christmas

Tips for an autism-friendly Christmas - BBC

In this article, Tracy Beadle gives her top tips for Christmas including a visual timetable for the festive period

Christmas, a seasonal challenge - Gina Davis

In this blog, Gina discusses the Christmas period, shopping, presents and Christmas dinner

Autism and keeping Christmas fun - The National Autistic Society (film)

This 3 part video gives a parents perspective on Christmas and talks about decorations, lights and diet.

Watch this video by clicking the link below