Post date: Jun 7, 2016 12:34:21 PM

Disabled Go Website!

Disabled Go website It is currently up and running for many places in the UK and works like a detailed social story for venues, attractions, parks, doctors and dentists and plenty more! Follow the link below to check out the website; but there are plenty of attractions listed nearby including Blue Planet Aquarium, Chester Zoo and even places in Scotland, London and plenty more!

There are 2 types of descriptions available, a small one will just include 1 photo, contact details, opening times and also if there is accessible parking etc. The other larger descriptions give a full intensive breakdown on the venue including information such as how wide car spaces are, the lighting used in rooms and if it is adjustable, what accessibility facilities are available, pictures of stair cases and lifts, event the toilets! and details right down to what type of taps are used in the bathrooms or hand dryers noise levels!!

As mentioned, around 700 Wirral and Chester venues will be listed by the end of the year, but check it out now as it looks amazing!!