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Post date: Jun 23, 2015 11:34:25 AM

A trip to the Hairdressers-10 TOP TIPS

Some of our children often dislike having their hair cut. For a child with autism, the busy environment of a hairdressers , the hairdresser's chair, the sight or noise of the scissors/clippers , the smell of the shampoo or hair on their clothes in the hair salon can sometimes be a really difficult experience, here are 10 top tips to think about on your child's trip to the hairdressers:-

1- Try using the word trim instead of cut to make the process seem less frightening.

2- Visit the hairdressers to watch someone else get their hair cut. If it’s the buzzer sound that scares your child, the hairdresser can “play the buzzer” for your child on a day they are not having their hair cut. At home, let your child explore a vibrating tooth brush to help desensitize to the noise.

3- Bring an extra top so your child can change immediately afterwards. Sometimes left over hair on their neck can irritate your child.

4- Ask the hairdresser to use a towel and clip rather than a plastic cape. The plastic or velcro fastener can be even more irritating to a child than stray hair on the neck.

5- Go to a child’s hair salon that’s child friendly, tell the hairdressers all about your child's needs and anxieties.

6- Take some headphones so they can listen to favourite music during a haircut or take their tablet/Ipad with you and use as a distraction.

7- Have your child sit on your lap or in a low chair rather than a high chair seen in most hairdressers.

8- Massage your child’s scalp and neck before the hair trim.

9-Information books and social stories can be a great aid for going to the hairdressers. Visit the hairdressers without your child and take pictures of the things your child will see. Make the photos into a book and you can share the book home before you make the visit.

10- Plan a special activity for after the haircut.

and finally consider cutting your child’s hair at home.

If you would like help making a social story or information book email me for help.