Preparing for Halloween and Bonfire Night

Post date: Oct 24, 2017 1:06:31 PM

Halloween and Bonfire night are just around the corner!!!!

We have some really useful top tips including a social story that will all help when introducing Halloween or Bonfire Night to your child.

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Have fun

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  1. Let your child practice wearing their costume at home. This gives you time to make any last minute modifications and time for your child to get used to it.
  2. Write a social story describing what your child will do on Halloween (example below). Read the story several times before Halloween so your child has time to get used to the plan.
  3. Create a visual schedule. This might include a map of where you will go.
  4. Practice trick or treating in a familiar environment. Visit friends and family, if possible, even neighbours.
  5. Keep trick or treating short and comfortable.
  6. Use role play to practice receiving and giving treats.
  7. If your child has difficulty with change, you may want to decorate your home gradually.
  8. Remember, Halloween looks different for every child on the spectrum and you know your child best. Use your intuition and if you only make it to three houses, that’s okay!
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Halloween Social Story – all about having trick or treaters come to knock at your door

Halloween Autism Alert Card – For children to use when they go trick or treating

An Autism Friendly Halloween – Recent article from the AUKids magazine with lots of useful hints and tips!

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Bonfire night is a family occasion that brings joy to people across the UK - but for children with autism, fireworks can be anything but fun.

Many parents of children on the autism spectrum choose not to celebrate bonfire night because their children find it too distressing. The unexpected nature of displays can cause anxiety and stress, and for those with sensory issues, fireworks can be thunderous and blinding.

There are ways to make bonfire night a positive experience. See below for tips to help you enjoy bonfire night with your child and remember to plan ahead.

This is a useful tool but be mindful every child is an individual , you will know what will work best for your child.