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Post date: Apr 25, 2016 2:02:47 PM

The Autism Show

Its that time of the year again for the annual Autism Show in Manchester hosted by The National Autistic Society, this year it will be on Friday, 1st and Saturday, 2nd July at Event City in Manchester (right next to the Trafford Centre). The show itself offers information, advice, products and services related to people on the autism spectrum. There are over 20 guest speakers at the event and over 50 exhibition stands to find out more about products and services for people with autism.

For further details on the event, see who is exhibiting, who the guest speakers are and to book your tickets; please follow the website link below:

Autism Show Website


Great app for parents to use to be in control of your children's tablet, ipad, phone etc.

Some of it's features include-

Parental controls

App Blocker

Internet Blocker

Parental time lock

Our Pact website

Cheshire Oaks – Autism Friendly

Cheshire Oaks now host monthly autism friendly shopping experiences, with a couple of adaptions to help ease the anxiety that shopping can cause and also to help build confidence of people with autism and their families to go out shopping! The adaptions made include; lights turned down low, music turned down low/turned off, a number of different quiet zones throughout the site for a place to go if feeling overwhelmed and need a break, all staff have received training in autism from our award winning Autism in Practice department. Also if you visit the customer services office when you arrive, you can pick up a map of the Cheshire Oaks site which will outline all the quiet zones for you and also autism alert cards which can be handed out to the public or a staff member if you require any assistance.

The next Autism Friendly Shopping night will be on Tuesday, 10th May from 5:00 – 9:00pm,

About Autism Exhibition – Floral Pavillion

About Autism Parents Support is a local support group run by a local mum who has a child with ASD. They will be hosting the Wirral’s first ever Autism conference at the Floral Pavillion on Saturday, 15th October for parents, carers and professionals to come along to. It will include an exhibition area and a number of guest speakers including Autism Together, Anna Kennedy, Sharon King and Alex Lowery.

Tickets are only £5 and children under 16 go free! for further details, please follow the website link below:

About Autism Conference Website Link